Why Is It Important To Test Software before Delivering It to the Client?
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May 24, 2018

Why Is It Important To Test Software before Delivering It to the Client?

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What is software testing?


Software testing not only a stage in traditional waterfall model of software development; it is a continuous process taking place throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It is a process of finding errors during and after the development of a software application. With software testing, a tester makes sure that application under testing performs all the functionalities the client is expecting.


What are The Uses of Software Testing?


A team of testers performs Software testing to serve the following purposes during and after the development of a software application:

  • Software Testing is used to find out any error in the software.
  • Software testing can save a lot of time, money and other resources as an error discovered in the later stages can cost a lot more.
  • Software testing helps in performing various validation and verification activities.
  • Finally, software testing helps in developing and delivering a software application that meets the client’s requirements and function properly in the client’s environment.


Why is Software Testing important?


A client needs software to automate one or more than one operations that are being performed by humans. The high-quality software can do these operations efficiently, accurately and quickly (only) if it is free from errors and bugs. Imagine the mobile app of your bank showing -100,000 dollars in your account when there is $100,000 in your account. That’s why software developers or client hire a team of software testers.


Software testing is an important process of identifying and then removing all errors in the software application. It ensures that a user can use that application without any problem. As we know that human being can’t be perfect all time, there are chances of logical or any other mistake while writing the code. White box, black box, and grey box testing are different types of testing performed to find these errors. Here we highlight why services of a software testing company are required.


  • Software Testing provides software developers with the right suggestions to improve their coding of the software application. This helps them in avoiding any problem they might come across in the future.


  • Software Testing will help software developers to provide the accurate work to their clients and have one satisfied client at the end of the day.


  • Software Testing helps software developers to create a reputation in the market by providing error-free work to the clients.


  • It is the responsibility of a software developer to provide plenty of facilities to the customer. However, the tester makes sure that high-quality software application is delivered that requires lower maintenance cost while generating accurate, consistent and reliable results.


  • It is very important to provide high performing software application which can work as per the requirements of the client.


  • If software testing done in earlier stages, it can totally eliminate some of the issues that can be very costly if discovered later.


Software Testing plays an important role in improving the performance and accuracy of a software application. In a nutshell, software testing makes sure that the client is getting what he is paying for. So, it is essential to avail services of software testing company to enjoy the benefits of automation through software.