A Checklist for Clients Looking For a Website Development Company
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May 5, 2018

A Checklist for Clients Looking For a Website Development Company


A business succeeds when it stays in the sight and mind of its potential customers. That’s why in order to excel their businesses; entrepreneurs are taking their businesses online. This is the place where customers are spending the most of their spare time. The internet has provided people with the smartest, fastest and shortest way to search information of their interests. Businesses offering services online have endowed users with the convenience of shopping from the comfort of home. However, to facilitate its potential customers with this comfort, a business needs a website.

However, the overall quality of the website will determine which business will reap the maximum rewards. So, when a client is running his fingers on the keyword to find a top website development company, he needs to make sure that there should be no compromise on the overall quality of the website. If you are looking for a team of developers, go to the website of the company you are willing to hire.

A reputed company very proudly shows the list of websites it has developed. Now visit one of the websites it has developed and analysed the performance of that website. Don’t worry, we will guide you. Jot down the following checklist.

Perfect Design

A skilled and intelligent website developer views a website design from the perspective of the client. After all, the website is the mirror image of the client’s business. You are a businessman. You understand it very well how the face of your business should appear to your potential customers on the internet. The design should be unique. However, it should contain the design concept of the client.

High Standard Content Management

Content is still king and will continue to be in the arena of the internet marketing. When 55% of the visitors are spending less than 15 seconds on a website, the website design and content have to leave an impact within that brief span of time. If the content is cluttered on web pages, abandon this company and look for some other website developer.

Controlled Creativity    

Everything has limits. And, these limits should not be crossed. So, when you are examining the design of the website, make sure that there is not anything that makes no sense. The website leaves an impression. So, the space on the website should be properly utilized. Examine the readability, relevancy of image, font size and colour contrast and other elements of the website.


Now, you have a website that can easily grab the attention a visitor. However, if the functionality of the website disappoints the visitor, don’t expect any conversion. Here is how you can examine and approve the functionality of a website.

  • Is navigation proper?
  • Are all links functional?
  • Does it have all functionalities of an e-commerce website?

Logo Design

The logo is an important identity of a brand. See the quality of the logo design.

  • Does the logo deliver the brand message?
  • Is the logo easily relatable?
  • Does it get etched to the memory of the visitor?


Now, test the speed and performance of websites. Modern internet users have less time and more options. So, they are not in the habit of waiting. Even Google does not appreciate this. If your website is slow, Google will not give it a higher rank.

Now, you have completely analysed the website developed by the website development company you want to work with. The ball is in your court. It is your business.